81 % of Canadians find the healthcare system too complicated, and 78 % agree that navigating the system is a challenge.

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Areas of Focus

Patient Advocacy Services

Mental Health Support

Chronic Disease Management

Advanced Care Plans

Corporate Wellness Services

Executive Coaching

Occupational Health & Safety

Health and Wellness Plans

Personal Medical Records

Emergency & Surgical Care

Medication & Pain Management

Caregiver Support

Who We Help


Assisting patients and their families

move through the healthcare system


Health and wellness at work

for executives, managers and staff

Benefits of Our Services


  • Decrease hospital admission and readmission
  • Expedite medical tests and services
  • Decrease medication errors
  • Increase patient engagement and empowerment
  • Help prevent you from acquiring a hospital infection (HAI)
  • Decrease your hospital stay by expediting the complex discharge process
  • Improve communication and minimize confusion – We talk the same language as your healthcare provider, allowing us to put ‘medical jargon’ into terms that you understand


  • Increase the health and wellness of employees
  • Health screening for early detection of chronic diseases
  • Decrease unnecessary costs to employers
  • Reduce short-term and long-term disability claims
  • Added value to human resources departments and organizations that want to differentiate themselves from the competition
  • Add on for agents and consultants that want to go above and beyond for their clients
  • Meet virtually for training and implementation of wellness programs

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