5 Reasons Why Companies are Embracing Mobile Health Services

If your employees aren’t healthy, your organization is going to suffer. More and more, employers are embracing corporate wellness programs. They realize the benefits and the impact it will have on their employees and also the effect it will have on their bottom line. But who has the time to travel to a location for health services? Below are five reasons why companies are embracing mobile health services.


1) Convenience

When we come right to you, it’s easy to embrace and implement a corporate wellness program within your organization. You don’t need to worry about lost time or work that is not getting done. It is simple and easy to make lasting health changes within your organization.


2) Less time spent out of the office

A trip out of the office can very quickly turn into a minimum of half a day of lost time, and that is on the light end. It could take an entire day once you factor in travel, traffic, lunch breaks, and other breaks during the process. Mobile health services save you time and money. Period.


3) More productivity

If employees can take part in services within the office, they can work more hours. It may not seem like much to take a day off here and there to implement a new program, but all that time can add up to tons of lost revenue.


4) Team building

One side-benefit of corporate wellness programs is the team building that occurs. When team members can all be involved in a program together and help strive for health goals as one collective group, the benefit to employers is two-fold, healthier employees but also happier ones.


5) Fewer disability claims

Disability claims are something that all employers struggle with. Losing someone can be a huge headache not to mention costly. Recent feedback from a large corporation we have worked with has shown that short term and long-term disability claims have significantly decreased since we have started working with the organization.



I am intrigued; how can I implement a customized mobile corporate wellness program in my organization?

Our customized mobile corporate wellness programs are a great way to educate your employees, detect health issues that may be a concern and promote overall wellness. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals can offer everything from health screening and coaching to chronic disease management, to medication management and we can even provide your employees personal support if they are currently caring for a loved one with health challenges. Since we offer customized mobile health solutions right to your businesses door-step, we make it easy to promote health within your workplace.


If you are interested in implementing a customized corporate wellness program within your organization, get in touch with us today!

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