5 Ways to Take Care of Your Employees’ Mental Health DURING COVID-19

How can I help my employees during this challenging time? That is a question you may be asking yourself right now. We are in uncharted waters, and it can be hard to know what is the right thing to do, but mental health should undoubtedly be a priority right now for any organization.


Anxiety, depression, and other mental illness can quickly flare up during times of crisis. Even with employees that generally feel fine. Here are five ways you can help your employees with their mental health during COVID-19.



Simple? Yes. Effective? Absolutely. Check-in with them at a minimum every few weeks. If everyone is working from home, it is easier to email, but a phone call is best if you have time because you will pick up on your employee’s verbal cues.


It is easy for them to text or email that they are fine, but they may be suffering in silence. If you have a lot of employees, then an email is still better than no communication at all.



Adjust your expectations. If you are short-staffed or an employee is now working from home, especially if they are caring for children, realize that things may take longer, and turnaround times may be slower.


A rush to get things done will not help anyone and will leave employers and employees feeling frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed. A little compassion will go a long way during this time.



Whether it’s something your organization has put together yourselves or you are only sharing an article written by a credible source, give your employees the tools they need to stay healthy and safe during this time.


Some great articles are available from The Center of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and the Government of Ontario also has some great resources for mental health. You can also share self-care articles and resources from reputable sources.



Mental Health and corporate wellness are always essential but are going to be more critical as COVID-19 drags on. If you aren’t sure how to get started, that’s where we come in.


We specialize in all areas of mental and physical health and can provide online training as well as on-site training when we are allowed to do so. For a full list of our corporate services, you can learn more here.



Do your employees need someone to talk to? We recently added Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to our line up of service offerings. Designed by therapists fifty years ago to help people suffering from depression, CBT helps you re-frame your thinking so you can move from a negative to a positive outlook. We can provide CBT for individuals or to a group of employees.



Want to ensure your employees thrive during COVID-19? We have a multitude of mental and physical health services available. You can also follow our blog over the next four weeks as we post mental health articles and resources.

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