Comprehensive Healthcare Guidance & Advocacy for Employees

We help empower you, the employee, to ensure your healthcare needs are met in a timely and organized fashion. Through in-office check-ins as well as personalized healthcare assistance, we aid your everyday stressors that can impact your work-life balance.

Navigate. Educate. Advocate.

Solutions to Create a Positive Work-Life Balance

Personalized Solutions

Your health needs are unique, and are best approached with tailored solutions. We uncover what works best for you in one-on-one consultations before coming up with an actionable plan to provide the help you need.

Accountability Check-Ins

Accountability is the best way to ensure things get done. Whether stemming from an in-office session or an individual consultation, we make sure to follow up with you to see how we can progress in meeting your healthcare needs.

Family Support

Family matters, and we’re committed to helping you help them. As a caregiver for a loved one, we can help you navigate the system, provide you with various options, participate in care plans, and be included in the journey. We have got you covered!

Employee Services

Employee Wellness Program

Our employee wellness program seamlessly integrates a registered nurse into your company’s operations, offering regular physical check-ins to help maintain your health.

For many people, work and life demands leave very little time for doctor’s visits, making you vulnerable to missing early signs of trouble. Without regular check-ups, minor health issues that could have been easily managed if diagnosed early can quickly become complex, difficult, and time-consuming issues to manage. We help you regain the ability to prioritize your healthcare by offering wellness check-ins at the office.

Health Check-Ups That Prioritize Your Health and Wellbeing

Once a month, you can meet with your company’s designated nurse, who will conduct a general wellness check that includes blood pressure and heart rate readings. Most importantly, the nurse will lead a candid discussion about your health to ensure you stay feeling great while gaining advice and answers to potential stressors.

Confidential Conversations to Help You Identify Concerns 

During check-ups, you will have the opportunity to discuss stressors inside and outside of work. Feel comfortable discussing aging parents, sick children, family disharmony, or any other factors that contribute to stress with private, confidential conversations. We help you identify issues early and guide you towards the best resources to efficiently manage your concerns.

Personalized Healthcare Solutions

Let us guide you towards better health with our personalized healthcare solutions. We prioritize your wellness and provide specific, tailored solutions to all your healthcare concerns.

One of our nurses will discuss your unique healthcare needs in confidential, candid consultations. With our expertise and vast connections across the healthcare industry, we’re well-equipped to provide you with efficient solutions to help you resolve your health and wellness concerns.

Access to Effective Healthcare Services

With our expertise and numerous connections, we guide you through the complex Canadian healthcare system. 

Access to Cross Border Services

Our access to services and partners in the U.S. healthcare industry allow us to arrange additional options for your care, so you can get back to your life and work.  

We can work with you and your HR department to make sure you understand the coverage and maximize your benefits. 

Individual & Family Support

Life at home is just as important as life at work. In addition to employee support, we offer support for you and your family outside of work. We help you take control of your health with our expertise and efficient solutions.

Don’t let life hold you back

Whether you’re in need of individual healthcare support or services for your loved ones, we are here to help. Through confidential consultations, we help you identify life stressors and health concerns, then take swift action to address those issues with tailored solutions that work for you.

Additional Support & Information

Virtual Consultations

Our virtual consultations allow you to discuss health concerns and stressors with a registered nurse, wherever and whenever is most comfortable for you. All consultations are private and confidential.

Insurance and Fees

We scour the fine print of your company insurance policies to identify opportunities for extended coverage. You get more coverage, with no extra charge to your insurance premium.


We are happy to work with your schedule to ensure you are receiving the health advice you need when it is most convenient for you. If needing to cancel a virtual session, we require 24-hour notice and if canceling an in-person session, we require 72-hour notice.


All our consultations and discussions with you are private and confidential. Health and wellness can often be sensitive topics to discuss, so we strive to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe with our registered nurses.