Health Screening and Early Detection are The Keys to Reduced Employee Turnover

Health screening and early detection are important to the overall success of your organization. If employees aren’t getting regular checkup’s, they could be at risk of many different health concerns. A lump that your employee dismisses could be something much more serious. Or perhaps they have been having chest pains but are just “too busy” to make it to the doctors.


Why should employers care?

Not only does the loss of a valued employee weigh heavy on the employer’s conscience, but the loss of a valued employee can also cause an organization lots of money. According to the Canada Human Resources Centre, the cost of finding someone to replace an employee that has left the organization can cost between $3,000-$43,000 depending on the type of employee you need to replace. In the case of a knowledge worker who has worked in the organization for decades, the cost can be much higher.



Don’t forget about your employee’s mental health

Has employee morale been low lately? Have your employees been feeling a bit more stressed due to their workload? Have they confided that a lot is going on at home, such as caring for sick loved ones that are making work challenging? All this can contribute to a decrease in your employee’s mental health. Health screening for depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues can not only boost morale but help lower stress leave, short term disability and other leaves of absence from your organization.



It’s not just the older generation

Millennials are also at risk for health issues as they are often sedentary and prone to much more screen time than the gen Xers or baby boomers. The American Cancer Society recently released a study that found that six cancers proven to be related to obesity are increasing more rapidly in people younger than 50 than those older than 50. So, it’s essential that all employees get health screening no matter their age. Without employees, ultimately a company will cease to exist. They are the lifeblood of any organization. If you implement health screening and detect problems before they become major ones you will ensure you are providing the best care for your employees and increase overall retention and wellness.


I am intrigued, how can I implement health screening and early detection in my organization to reduce turnover?

Our customized mobile corporate wellness programs are a great way to educate your employees, detect health issues that may be a concern and promote overall wellness. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals can offer everything from health screening and coaching to chronic disease management, to medication management and we can even provide your employees personal support if they are currently caring for a loved one with health challenges. Since we offer customized mobile health solutions right to your businesses door-step, we make it easy to promote health within your workplace. Plus, recent feedback from a large corporation we have worked with has shown that short term and long-term disability claims have significantly decreased since we have started working with the organization.


If you are interested in implementing a customized corporate wellness program within your organization, get in touch with us today!

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