Preventing Chronic Disease in The Workplace


Ask any employer that has ever had to deal with an employee that has a chronic disease and you’ll know it is a delicate situation. There are many concerns from health to legal to an employer’s responsibilities and it is never easy. As a healthcare company we are deeply committed to helping people with illnesses but what’s even better is when we can help prevent them.



Did you know that chronic diseases are the most preventable of any type of disease?


Chronic diseases are some of the most preventable. Healthy eating and exercise, quitting smoking, along with regular health screening and early detection can help prevent many of the most common chronic diseases, such as, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and arthritis.



Knowing this, it’s saddens us that Statistics Canada recently reported that 44% of adults have at least one of these ten chronic diseases.


  • Hypertension 25%
  • Osteoarthritis 14%
  • Mood and anxiety disorders 13%
  • Osteoporosis 12%
  • Diabetes 11%
  • Asthma 11%
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 10%
  • Ischemic Heart Disease 8%
  • Cancer 8%
  • Dementia 7%




Early detection and education are crucial to the prevention of chronic diseases


Our corporate wellness programs offer screening, education, and early detection. From lunch and learns to individual health coaching, merely making your employees aware of this information might be the difference between them becoming ill down the road, leading to loss of an employee or even loss of life.



Chronic diseases can also increase short term disability and long-term disability claims. Since working with a large corporation this past June, we have reduced the number of claims for employers. From a health and financial perspective, this crucial service is worth investing in for your organization.




I am intrigued, how can I implement a customized mobile corporate wellness program in my organization to prevent chronic disease?


Our customized mobile corporate wellness programs are a great way to educate your employees, detect health issues that may be a concern and promote overall wellness. Our team of experienced health care professionals can offer everything from health screening and coaching, to chronic disease management, to medication management and we can even offer your employees personal support if they are currently caring for a loved one with health challenges. Since we offer customized mobile health solutions right to your businesses door-step we make it easy to promote health within your workplace.



If you are interested in implementing a customized corporate wellness program within your organization, or if you are interested in learning more about our chronic disease management services, Contact us today!

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