Screening for Type 2 Diabetes – Why your organization should care

Organizations that have healthier employees are more successful, productive and have less employee turnover. There are also less incidents of disability claims. It makes good business sense to invest in your employee’s health. One way you can do that is with health screening and education.


According to the Diabetes Canada, one in three Canadians is living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Those numbers now equal eleven million people across the country. It is an epidemic and a disease that organizations shouldn’t ignore.


Warning signs for diabetes

Some of the most common signs of diabetes and signs that are easily mistaken for other health issues are:

  • Increased hunger and thirst
  • Dry mouth and irritability
  • Frequent urination and urine infections
  • Fatigue, blurred vision and headaches
  • Unexplained weight loss

Screening for diabetes

One of the most common tests for Type 2 Diabetes is to measure fasting plasma glucose, or to take an oral test. Both are tests which do not take a long time to complete. We recommend screening every three years for individuals over forty but screening should take place even more frequently for people who are at a higher risk. Those could include certain nationalities or those who are overweight or have other health complications as listed under risk factors here.


Complications of diabetes

There are many complications involved with diabetes. Most people don’t realize that diabetes can increase your risk of other health issues such as Cardiovascular disease, heart attack, Alzheimer’s, and depression among many others. As an organization this could mean increased time off, doctor’s visits and even premature death.


Prevention of diabetes

Healthy eating and exercise and critical to reducing Type 2 diabetes but education within your organization is also needed to make your employees aware of the warning signs and to test for the disease. It is also not necessarily easy to exercise when you are working long hours or have a job that requires you to sit most of the day. Our health coaching can provide options for employees who are looking for ways to improve their health within their current occupation.



How can I implement health screening and early detection in my organization to prevent diabetes?

Since we offer customized mobile health solutions right to your businesses door-step, we make it easy to promote health within your workplace.


Our team of experienced healthcare professionals can offer everything from health screening and coaching to chronic disease management, to medication management and we can even provide your employees personal support if they are currently caring for a loved one with health challenges.



If you are interested in implementing a customized corporate wellness program within your organization, get in touch with us today!

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