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Our team of experienced healthcare professionals have witnessed the widening gaps in our current healthcare system and are dedicated to providing support, guidance and education to individuals and families who may have unanswered questions regarding a recent diagnosis, procedure, or treatment options.

With varied backgrounds in diverse specialty areas, the team at Integrity Healthcare Consultants are equipped to provide a wide range of services for mothers and newborn babies to the elderly, both at home and in long-term care facilities. We are very passionate about our profession and recognize that patients should have more information and greater participation and choice in the health care they receive.

In addition, we know and understand that healthcare workers may feel unable to advocate for patients in fear of losing their jobs. Even Patient Relation Representatives working in the hospital may struggle with advocating for a patient or family when their pay cheque is coming from the payroll department of the hospital. IHC is an organization that advocates on behalf of patients and their families without having a conflict of interest. Our allegiance is to YOU.

Anita Coit

Clinical Director...and Senior Consultant

Jana Bartley

Founder and CEO

Jana Bartley, is the Founder and CEO of Integrity Healthcare Consultants where she provides exceptional guidance for her clients by assisting them in navigating the complexities of today’s healthcare system. She has more than 20 years’ experience working in the healthcare field as a clinician, unit manager, practicum instructor, patient relations consultant and a legal nurse consultant. Jana is passionate about bringing the best possible results to her patients and the healthcare community.

Early in her career she established herself as a front runner in Obstetrical, Neonatal, and Paediatric nursing by advocating a “patient first” mentality in everything she did. This served her well as she soon went on to become a practicum instructor for the University of Ontario, Faculty of Health Sciences. Jana’s success as a clinician eventually lead her to become the Patient Relations Consultant for the Rouge Valley Health System, where she became a catalyst for handling the concerns and complaints of the public.

Her additional experience as an independent Legal Nurse Consultant working with medical malpractice lawyers dealing with medico-legal cases was the driving force behind establishing Integrity Healthcare Consultants. Jana reviewed many cases that with proper communication and knowledge could have been prevented. Her focus is to work with clients to provide the missing link between navigating an often complex and intimidating healthcare system and patient engagement and empowerment.

Her compassion for her client’s well being shines brightly in everything she does and she is honoured to continue to serve the healthcare community at large.

Marie Heron

Marie Heron, is an Adult Educator, Career Counsellor, Policy and grant writer.

Marie has administered many publicly and privately funded programs for all three levels of government.

Ms. Heron, has worked with corporations to assist them in upskilling their employees. She is a Life Skills Coach, Workshop Leader and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

Her work includes but is not limited to:

Strengthening bonds between the community and Toronto Police Services.

Marie is a recipient of the 2008 Building Communities, Moving Women Forward Award.

She also received the Canada 150 Award for her work in assisting employers to hire under resourced workers.

Marie’s work has been featured in Local and National Publications.

During COVID Marie kept in touch with her listeners and reached out to provide emotional support via daily videos, Skype chats and e-mails.

Jean Booth

Jean is an RN and Occupational Health Nurse with over 25 years of experience. She graduated from BG Alexander nursing school in South Africa where she graduated as a midwife and occupational health nurse where she began her career providing health care to lower income workers in the workplace. It was through a partnership with other Occupational health nurses that she was able to secure contracts with large organizations such as major banks like Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA), Nestle head office, AFROX a medical gas supply company and a few other smaller sized businesses all with different health and safety issues.

Since immigrating to Canada with her family she has continued to lend her expertise in Occupational health & safety assisting organizations in various sector’s to foster a safe and effective work environment. She has successfully implemented comprehensive programs which focus on health promotion, illness and injury prevention, protection of workers from exposure to occupational hazards and restoring health to name a few.

She has knowledge on insurance sick benefits, WSIB process, recovery and safe return to work which helps companies to increase performance and value.

During the COVID pandemic she participated in a team to implement infection control policies and procedures ensuring employees remain safe at work and home.
She believes that everyone should feel safe and productive at work without fear of injury

Anita Comfort

Clinical Director and Senior Consultant

A Registered Nurse for 23 years, Anita's career began in Northern Saskatchewan, moving to Ottawa in 2000.

She has experience in Long Term Care, Maternity, Medicine, Surgery, and Palliative Care.

High on her priority list is being a strong patient advocate.

As an instructor of healthcare providers, and
Legal Nurse Consultant, she stands up for what she believes in.

Working alongside Integrity Healthcare, she carries on her passion of being an advocate where ever she is needed; both corporate and in the home.

Anita feels that everyone deserves to have someone in their corner.

Sydney Graham

Sydney Graham has worked in Healthcare for over 25 years. Her expertise is in teaching both providers and patients (and families) how to effectively partner for safer care, with improved outcomes and quality. Sydney has worked with Hospitals, Government Agencies, Community Care, Academia, Non- Profits and patients and families, to gain the insight that complements her 25 years of lived experience.

She empowers patients and their families to develop improved partnerships, to be seen as respected members of their care team, so as to be included in decision making, care planning, transitions and desired outcomes. Providers benefit from knowledgeable families participating in care, alleviating stress and burnout, understaffing and time constraints, creating improved outcomes for all stakeholders.

Her expertise includes Mental Health and Addiction, and goes beyond advocating and educating. Sydney is a trained peer support worker, with a practitioner’s certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, enabling her to assist those who struggle, as well as their family members.

These skills based training strategies improve the experience, strengthens recovery and expedites the return to daily activities.

Melissa Turzanski

Melissa Turzanski a BScN graduate from Ryerson University brings a wealth of experience in geriatrics and brain health to Integrity Healthcare Consultants.

Melissa has worked for many years in a world leading geriatric healthcare facility in Toronto and solidified her expertise in gerontology after becoming certified with the Canadian Nurses Association as a Gerontology Nurse Clinician GNC(C).

Melissa is an expert in stroke and dementia care as well as a specialist in responsive behavior. As a keen leader with a desire to educate others Melissa has been a speaker at the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses and has been co-published in the Perspective Journal of Gerontological Nursing Association.

Krupa Shaha

Krupa Shah is a BScN graduate from McMaster University. After experiencing numerous areas of nursing such as wound Care and internal medicine she has settled down in the world of paediatrics, specializing in intensive care.

She brings versatility and the skill set of a critical care nurse to Integrity Healthcare Consultants. She has strived to make a difference and pursued a Leadership and Management Certificate from McMaster University and continues to seek leadership roles that can make a difference in today’s healthcare system.

She is also a member of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) since she has was a nursing student and now sits on the executive committee as Vice President of the Paediatric Nursing Interest Group (PedNIG).

Melissa Findlay

Kelly Savage

Kelly Savage is an R.N, life coach and psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience. Her personal and professional life have provided her experience and a foundation on which to connect with her clients in a compassionate way. As a nurse she specialized in oncology and cancer care and in her personal life she is the mother of 21-year-old triplets conceived through IVF (invitro fertilization) when she was married to her first husband and lived in Saudi Arabia.

As a life coach and therapist Kelly supports clients experiencing infertility, divorce, cancer and emotional wellness in health and disease. The addition of holistic practices to her client’s goals when appropriate allow for the inclusion of yoga, reiki, and mindfulness meditation.

For those clients who feel empowered in group settings she is offering support groups and 8-week classes that start on a rotating basis throughout the year specifically related to infertility and divorce. The model that Kelly practices under is the “GLOW” model which she created to assist clients to set a goal, listen to their inner voices, turn obstacles into opportunities and win.

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