The Future of Work – Why health should be a top priority

It’s no secret that how we work is changing.


As we move into increasingly global, digital work worlds, we are spending more time in front of screens, more time in sedentary positions, exercising less and eating more and the list goes on.


The sad reality is that employee health is not always top of mind when new technologies that promise productivity and efficiency are brought in to increase profits.


And even when employees are on an organization’s radar, a lack of time and education can make knowing how to help a challenge.


So, what can your organization do to keep your employees healthy?


Coaching and education

If your employee had a health issue, would you know how to address it? Or would you even know if they had a health issue?


Education is key. We can help bring issues to light if there are any and even from a distance, we can provide coaching calls or training for employees.


We can then determine confidentially, what health challenges your employees are facing and how we can address them.


There are many benefits to this approach:

  • Your employee feels valued and appreciated
  • You don’t need to address the health concern with the employee
  • We can advise a course of action based on our expertise in health care


If required, we can also offer advocacy services so that we can ease the burden your employees may be experiencing on the home front if they are dealing with an ill family member.


Mobile health services right to your doorstep


Our mobile health services, which consists of a team of health experts, are a convenient option to assess in person how your employees are working, where they are working and what you can do to minimize the impact of technology on your employee’s health while at work.


We can assess: 

  • Posture
  • Eyestrain
  • Neck strain
  • Vital signs (Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiration, height, and weight)
  • Daily exercise
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Mental health
  • And more!


In more physical environments, we can also assess, health, and safety procedures such as:

  • Proper lifting
  • Proper turning
  • Proper stretching
  • And more!



The future of your workplace doesn’t need to be fraught with health concerns. Get in touch with us today to set up your FREE 30-minute consult! 

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