Tom’s Story

As health care advocates, our clients touch our hearts. We want the best possible health outcome for them, and so we do what we can to ease their minds when dealing with their health concerns.


Recently we assisted an eighty-one-year-old man. We will call him Tom.


Tom had seen the same doctor for the last fifty years. He was feeling dizzy, light-headed and fatigued and felt as if his doctor was dismissive and wasn’t listening to his concerns due to his age.


His age wasn’t the only factor in his health. Upon further investigation we found that Tom was slightly anemic, his thyroid was off and his kidneys weren’t functioning well. All these factors were contributing to his symptoms.


When you are faced with a long medical history, it is like a puzzle; you need to thoroughly understand all the medications a patient is taking, previous diagnosis, surgeries they have had, family history of illness among other information.


We were able to find Tom a new doctor as well and present the new doctor with a personal health portfolio that included a complete and updated outline of his medical history.


“I am so happy that I reached out to Integrity Healthcare Consultants. I knew something wasn’t right and I am glad I went with my gut. It has been such a relief.”


Tom was happy. His new doctor was happy and the process assured Tom that he was receiving the best care possible.



Why is a personal health portfolio a good idea?

A personal health portfolio is a powerful tool that lets you make the most of your health information. If you’re like most people, you visit multiple doctors, undergo different tests, and visit several pharmacies. Keeping track of it all is a challenge.


With a personal health portfolio, you can gather and manage all that information in one easily accessible location. A personal health portfolio is secure and can be made available to anyone you choose instantly from anywhere. It helps providers get the information they need to treat you in an emergency, help you avoid duplicate procedures or tests, and reduce the risk of medical errors.


When we create a personal health portfolio for you, the information it contains is up to you. Examples of what you can include are:


An address book containing contact information for all of your past doctors and providers

  • Your medical history including all procedures and hospital visits
  • All past and current diagnostic test results
  • A list of all medications you currently take or have taken in the past
  • Current health status
  • In case of emergency (ICE) information and instructions
  • Your health goals and objectives

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