Why Integrity

We aim to solve existing problems as well as prevent future problems before they happen. By addressing your healthcare needs, you can maintain a healthy and happy environment at work and at home to ensure a more sustainable future.

Integrity Healthcare

81% of Canadians find the healthcare system too complicated, and 78% agree that navigating the system is a challenge.

We are a highly-trained group of professional healthcare workers that have both worked in and experienced first-hand the healthcare system in Canada. We specialize in helping businesses, employees, as well as individuals and families to navigate the healthcare system in a smooth and efficient manner. 

By addressing complicated healthcare procedures, long wait times, and repeat testing/treatment, we eliminate the hassle that can often act as a significant barrier, as well as a stressor, for those seeking help.

Meet Our Founder

Jana Bartley – Founder & CEO

Jana founded Integrity Healthcare Consultants to empower clients through healthcare and health literacy. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Jana leads her team of highly educated professionals to help clients navigate the complex Canadian healthcare system and achieve the most effective and efficient care possible.

Passionate about bringing the best results to her clients and community, she tirelessly strives to provide exceptional assistance for patients, caregivers, corporate and small businesses, and partners with several health teams and financial companies.

Other accolades to her name include practicum instructor for the University of Ontario, Faculty of Health Sciences, and an MBA from Charles Stuart University in Australia.

Our Expertise


Health and wellness education is the first step to a healthy life. We provide proactive strategies to address your health concerns. We give you the tools to help you flourish.


Your health is our priority. We work hard to advocate for each of our clients in situations that might be complicated and overwhelming, to assist you in obtaining quality healthcare you are entitled to.


Each member of our team has years of experience working in the healthcare industry. We use our collective knowledge of the system to get you the quality care you need.

Meet Our Experts

Our passionate team of healthcare professionals each specialized in an array of healthcare services and systems, that equips us with the tools needed to take on your healthcare challenges, while advocating for the attention and care you deserve.

Anita Coit

Executive HR Director & Certified Mental Health Coach

Anita is a dynamic HR Professional with diplomas in Human Resources, Life Coaching, Modern Applied Psychology, Mental Health, and Law Procedures. Her expertise includes recruitment, employee training, education, benefits, performance management and coaching. Anita is passionate about creating collaborative, focused and supportive environments and strong employee interactions.


Jean Booth

Executive Director of Health and Wellness

Jean is a Registered Nurse and Occupational Health Nurse with over 25 years of experience in the global healthcare industry. She strives to use her expertise in occupational health and safety to foster safe and effective working environments with comprehensive programs focusing on health promotion, illness prevention, and employee protection.

Sydney Graham

COO & Certified Mental Health Coach

Sydney has 25 years of experience working with hospitals, government agencies, community groups, academic institutions, non-profits, patients and families. She is an Engagement Specialist and Educator with expertise in Patient Centred Care.  Sydney specializes in mental health and addiction, advocacy, education, navigation and counselling, with the ultimate goal of safer, high-quality care for improved patient outcomes.

Melissa Turzanski

Registered Nurse

Melissa is a registered nurse with specializations in geriatrics, dementia, and stroke. Her expertise in these areas allow her to provide comprehensive patient assessment, case management, clinical knowledge in management of behaviour and psychological symptoms of dementia and post-stroke cognitive rehabilitation.

Kenneth Prosper

Registered Nurse

Kenneth is a registered nurse with nearly 9 years of experience in his nursing career. Kenneth is passionate about nursing and is of the belief that the needs and intentions of the patient is of top priority in any healthcare setting. Currently, Kenneth works as a consultant for Integrity Healthcare Consultants where he aims to attain nursing excellence for clients. 

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